Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Let's include Europe in The Great Grid Map Debate

I've been enjoying what Nathan Yau calls 'The Great Grid Map Debate', as different chloropleths of the United States with equal-area states have been proposed. I thought we should make this a little less American-centric, so I tried my hand at Europe:
Really tiny countries like Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco and Vatican City were left out; I extended Europe as far to the east as the most genererous definitions of Europe I could find allowed, they can always be left out depending on the dataset. I hope I got all the ISO three-letter abbreviations right, I had memorized the three-letter IOC abbreviations when I was a kid and they kept jumping into my head.

Here's the NPR graphic that started it all:

And here's my current favorite, a four-hex grid, posted by Jason Emory Parker of The Post and Courier this morning:

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  2. Great job! is there a change I can get a bigger version of the EU map? or even a .psd / .ai file? Thank you!

    1. The one that appears here was actually done in MS Paint(!), but I've been working on it. Here's a link to an SVG (which can be imported into AI) of what I have so far; be warned, it hasn't really been proofed to ensure all the countries are there. I tried to include the really small countries, since I had some feedback that they should be included.

    2. wow that was a fast and useful answer! :D
      I think I just like more the three-letter version though and why is it you sticked Malta an Cyprus to the mainland? :D just curious, Thank you once more!

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